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January, 2004

  • 5 January

    Cash Asserts Itself at Continental Airlines

    Hold the requiem for cash. It's still flexing its muscles as a payment vehicle, as witness the deal announced today by Western Union Financial Services Inc. and Continental Airlines. Starting now, customers who book seats on the airline's Web site can pay by cash at any of 45,000 Western Union …

  • 1 January

    Record Online Spending Brings Record Strains

    The record transaction volume recorded online this holiday shopping season also put record strains on Web sites' ability to handle the load. According to data from Keynote Systems Inc., a San Mateo, Calif.-based site-performance management company, both response time and success rate for Web transactions improved in the week ending …

December, 2003

  • 29 December

    iPayment Looks to Agent Banks for Growth

    Nashville, Tenn.-based independent sales organization iPayment Inc. expects on Wednesday to close on its $55 million cash acquisition of an agent-bank portfolio from First Data Corp. The portfolio consists of 18,000 small merchant accounts controlled by 170 agent banks and generating about $4 billion in annual card volume. First Data …

  • 19 December

    Wal-Mart’s 88-Cent Siren Song

    The market for ultra-low-ticket song downloads from online music stores continues to heat up. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has launched a service on its Web-based operation, USA LLC, that offers single songs for 88 cents, or 11 cents cheaper than what has become the 99-cent standard price for songs available …

  • 19 December

    Yahoo’s PayDirect Enters the Overseas Remittance Market

    Yahoo Finance, whose PayDirect person-to-person payment service has been in operation domestically for three years, is now offering PayDirect International to allow electronic remittances from domestic users to recipients overseas. Announced this week, the new international payment service is an effort by Yahoo Finance, a unit of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo …

  • 18 December

    FDC Shareholders Don’t Have to Okay Revised Concord Terms

    First Data Corp. will not need to seek the approval of its shareholders for the revised terms announced Monday under which it will acquire Concord EFS Inc. First Data announced today it has been informed by the New York Stock Exchange that the NYSE will not require the Denver-based processor …

  • 18 December

    BofA Hits 7-Million Mark in Online Banking Users

    It may be cold outside throughout much of the country, but Bank of America says customers are starting to warm up to online banking in a big way. The Charlotte, N.C.-based banking company announced its online banking service has reached 7 million subscribers, making the bank the first financial-services company …

  • 17 December

    Airlines Use Heavy Holiday Travel To Promote Ticketing Kiosks

    Airlines are taking advantage of the onset of one of the year's heaviest travel seasons to promote their electronic self-service check-in and ticketing machines. Both American Airlines and America West today released statements touting their airport kiosks and encouraging customers to use them in the coming days to avoid long …

  • 16 December

    Study Shows Consumer Preference for PIN Debit

    A major study on consumer payment preferences at the point of sale released today shows not only a stronger trend toward debit cards generally but also a stronger preference for cards secured by personal identification numbers rather than by signatures. This is despite strong promotion from the major card companies …

  • 15 December

    FDC-Concord Settlement Requires FDC to Sell NYCE

    First Data Corp. and the Department of Justice this morning announced an agreement in which the government now gives the green light to FDC's acquisition of Concord EFS Inc. and in which the Denver-based processing giant agrees to sell its majority stake in the NYCE debit network. First Data now …

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