Wednesday , March 21, 2018


March, 2018

  • 2 March

    Nearly 92% of Square’s Transactions Are Being Made With Chip Cards

    More than two years after the U.S. migration to EMV chip cards accelerated, evidence of the success of the effort continues to emerge. Merchant acquirer Square Inc. says nearly 92% of the transactions it processed as of December were made with EMV-enabled credit and debit cards. While the advent of …

  • 2 March

    As Faster Payments Draw Near, the Fed Disbands Its Secure Payments Task Force

    The Federal Reserve announced Thursday it is shutting down its Secure Payments Task Force this month. The Fed invited its more than 200 members, made up of payments executives from across the financial-services industry, to work with its FedPayments Improvement Community. Members may also participate in “new collaborative industry work …

  • 2 March

    More Equifax Disclosures and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 3/2/18

    Equifax Inc. said it expects costs from its massive 2017 data breach to hit $275 million this year, offset by $75 million in insurance proceeds, Reuters reported. The credit-reporting agency also disclosed that another 2.4 million people were affected by the cyber attack in addition to the more than 145 …

  • 1 March

    SignaPay Announces New Products and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 3/1/18

    Point-of-sale equipment maker Ingenico Group announced a PIN-on-glass product suite that includes a secure card reader and a back-end verification service. Payments provider SignaPay Ltd. announced two new products, the PayHub Plus Payment Gateway and the PayLo Mynt POS System, which offers a variety of customized point-of-sale software packages. In …

  • 1 March

    With a Fleetcor Pilot, Ripple Gains More Momentum As the SEC Shines a Spotlight on ICOs

    Interest among mainstream financial institutions and payments providers in the potential for cryptocurrency is heating up just as the top U.S. financial regulator is reportedly eyeing a crackdown on so-called initial coin offerings, or token sales used by digital-currency startups to raise capital. In the latest sign that processors and …

February, 2018

  • 28 February

    Eye on E-Commerce: Klarna Racks up Gains; PayPal Shuts Down Early In-Store Gambits

    Sweden’s Klarna Bank AB enjoyed a good year in 2017, as documented by results the privately held online-checkout and financing specialist released on Wednesday. The firm, which was founded in 2005 and has operated a U.S. unit, Klarna Inc., since 2015, had already achieved distinction by ranking third among so-called …

  • 28 February

    Integration Tasks Emerge Now that the Vantiv-Worldpay Merger Is Official

    The merger of payment processors Vantiv Inc. and London-based Worldpay Group plc was completed Jan. 16, and up next for leaders of the combined company is integration of operational platforms, selling products to a wider customer base, and achieving their goal of $200 million in cost savings in three years. …

  • 28 February

    Apple Pay Cash Use at 3% for Younger Users and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 2/28/18

    ZipfWorks Inc., owner of online coupon code site, released the results of a mobile-payments survey that found that 15% of consumers between 18 and 35 years old used Apple Pay while shopping online. Ten percent of this age group used Apple Pay in a store. It also found that …

  • 28 February

    The Rise of Chargebacks

      Did you know that the typical business will only hear from around 4 percent of their unsatisfied customers? That leaves the remaining 96 percent with the potential to file a chargeback against a merchant’s business, negatively impacting their bottom line. The ability to maintain positive cash flow is one …

  • 27 February

    Square Claims $1 Billion in Annual Volume on Its Cash Card

    Square Inc. on Tuesday pulled back the curtain, at least a little bit, on its Cash App and the related Cash Card, a Visa-branded debit card. The app has 7 million active users, and cardholders spent $90 million using the card in December, good for annualized volume of $1 billion, …