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May, 2004

  • 12 May

    Online Processor Digency Gets Close to Geo-Location Pilots

    Digency Inc. is within a month of signing its first clients for tests of a new system it has developed that fights e-commerce fraud by pinpointing Web users' geographic location, according to Ed R. Starrs, chief executive of the El Dorado Hills, Calif.-based e-commerce processor. Dubbed “Geocate,” the product has …

  • 10 May

    E-Checks Score 27% Growth in the First Quarter

    Use of the automated clearing house for various electronic consumer transactions continued to climb in the first quarter, rising 27% from the fourth quarter of 2003 and 123% over the year-ago period, according to the National Automated Clearing House Association, Herndon, Va. Electronic checks?in which transactions are converted to electronic …

  • 10 May

    A Pulse Survey Shows Fees, Restrictions Risk Debit Users’ Ire

    A new national survey of debit card holders indicates a significant portion of consumers would be inclined to punish retailers and banks if they imposed fees or tried to restrict the range of accepted payment products. When asked how they would react if a merchant no longer accepted their debit …

  • 6 May

    Metavante Buys AFS And Becomes a Player in Image Exchange

    Metavante Corp. announced today it has agreed to buy Advanced Financial Solutions Inc., an Oklahama City-based company specializing in check-processing technology and owner of the Endpoint Exchange, a network that routes electronic check images among processors and financial institutions. No price was announced, though Metavante officials said this acquisition, in …

  • 6 May

    Gartner: Phishing Is Getting Worse, Hitting Hard at E-Commerce

    More evidence of the possible damage being done by phishing to e-commerce emerged in survey results released today by technology research firm Gartner Inc., Stamford, Conn. The survey, which was completed last month and canvassed 5,000 adult Web users, indicates that 30 million users think they have definitely been a …

  • 5 May

    Deal-Maker iPayment Reports Strong First-Quarter Results

    Nashville-based card payments processor iPayment Inc. reported financial results today that included a more than doubling in charge volume processed as well as hefty increases in revenue and net income. The company, which closed at the end of 2003 on a $55 million cash acquisition from First Data Corp. that …

  • 4 May

    Endpoint Exchange, SVPCo. Add Heft to Image Network Efforts

    CheckClear LLC, which owns and operates what is so far the only national image-exchange network in operation for check processing, announced today it is planning to connect to an image exchange being built by the Federal Reserve. It also said it has made an agreement to connect to imaging equipment …

  • 4 May

    A Survey Shows How Phishing Has Spooked Online Customers

    A survey conducted last month shows the extent to which e-mail fraud schemes, also known as phishing scams, are affecting consumers and their willingness to do business online, just as financial institutions and retailers are pushing to move more transactions into the online channel. Fully 75% of bank accountholders are …

  • 3 May

    How Debitman Plans to Boost Its Card Base 300-Fold by Year’s End

    Debitman Card Inc., a retailer-sponsored debit card network based in Chico, Calif., is moving aggressively on a new card-issuance plan that calls for increasing the base of Debitman-branded cards to just over 900,000 cards issued by 1,000 merchant outlets by the end of the year. The card base currently stands …

April, 2004

  • 30 April

    Peppercoin Readies ‘Version 2.0’ to Target a Huge Market

    Peppercoin Inc., a micropayments processor in Waltham, Mass., sees a potential market for transactions of small and very small values reaching into the trillions of dollars, embracing both the online and point-of-sale markets. To tap that potential, the new company is moving toward a rollout, planned for mid-summer, of a …