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April, 2005

  • 6 April

    Drive-Through Issues Slow PIN Debit Adoption at Burger King

    Burger King Corp., the Miami-based fast-food giant, may be rolling out credit and signature-debit card acceptance chainwide, but don't look for its stores to accept PIN-based debit cards on a wide scale any time soon. Julian Gomez, director of operations, services, and programs for Burger King, says his chain is …

  • 5 April

    Discover’s Spin-Off Could Lead to Major Changes, But Not Immediately

    A spin-off of Discover Financial Services Inc. by its parent, Morgan Stanley, won't likely change the card network's strategy, but an acquisition of the newly independent company would likely occur soon after the spin-off, leading to probable changes in direction at the 20-year-old card company, including a possible break-up, according …

March, 2005

  • 31 March

    Axalto First to Set up Full-Scale Smart Card Production in the U.S.

    In a vote of confidence for smart card technology in North America, a leading producer of chip-embedded plastic cards has achieved full production of the technologies necessary for smart cards at a plant outside Baltimore. Axalto Holding NV, a France-based card manufacturer, says this is the first time such full-scale …

  • 29 March

    BiPSA: A Battle Plan for Taking the Initiative Away from Hackers

    With hackers, phishers, and other criminals undermining the trust all transaction networks depend on for their survival, some experts say the time has come to fight back. In the following excerpt from “The Myth of Invincible Encryption,” an article that will appear in the May-June 2005 issue of Digital Transactions …

  • 28 March

    How Airlines Are Adopting Alternative Electronic Payment Channels

    With credit card fees having become one of their biggest operating expenses, airlines are turning to alternative, lower-cost payment options. The aim is to reduce the collective $1.5 billion in card-acceptance costs airlines pay annually, according to a recent study by Edgar, Dunn & Co. Houston-based Continental Airlines has moved …

  • 23 March

    Startup Brings Check-Guarantee Concept to Online Risk Management

    A Manhattan-based startup company is bringing the concept of check guarantee to the business of processing card-not-present payments. Precharge Risk Management Solutions, founded less than two years ago, has only in the past few months been actively marketing its service but has already signed up more than 1,000 online merchants, …

  • 22 March

    Ambiron-TrustWave Merger Comes As Data-Security Issues Peak

    With transaction-data security a top-of-mind concern these days in the wake of such breaches as the ChoicePoint case and the theft of card data from the DSW Shoe Warehouse chain, executives for two leading security-audit firms say their merger couldn't have come at a more propitious time. Chicago-based Ambiron LLC …

  • 22 March

    Authorize.Net Focuses on Selling IP Expertise for ‘Non-Traditional’ Devices

    After a year of trying to sell itself as a transaction gateway for brick-and-mortar merchants, Authorize.Net Corp. says it has learned one important lesson: when it comes to the point of sale, any Internet-enabled device is capable of being a POS terminal. As a result, the American Fork, Utah-based processor, …

  • 21 March

    First Data Begins Handling Burger King Transactions in Canada

    First Data Corp. has begun to process MasterCard transactions at 123 Burger King Corp. outlets in Canada. The processing deal expands on one the Denver-based processor has for card processing at Burger Kings in the U.S. The card transactions at the Canadian Burger Kings are part of MasterCard's Quick Payment …

  • 21 March

    Fraud Begins to Take Its Toll on High-Potential Digital Markets

    E-commerce fraud is beginning to make itself felt in the markets for voice-over-IP (VoIP) services and in digital-content downloads, both of which are high-potential markets that many processors are counting on for transaction growth, according to Retail Decisions Inc., the U.S. unit of Retail Decisions PLC, a provider of online …