Sunday , October 22, 2017

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Mastercard Scrubs Its Signature Requirement for POS Transactions

Mastercard Inc. is doing away with a rule requiring merchants to get signatures for transactions made with its credit and debit cards in the United States and Canada. Announced early Thursday, Mastercard’s rule change goes into effect April 13, 2018, allowing issuers, merchants, and processors time to make adjustments, though …

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Community Bankers Ask the FDIC To Deny Deposit Insurance for Square’s Bank

Citing the heavier regulatory burden borne by conventional banks, the Independent Community Bankers of America trade group on Tuesday asked the Federal Deposit Insurance Cop. to deny merchant processor Square Inc.’s insurance application. San Francisco-based Square last month announced it would apply for an industrial bank charter from the state …

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What Might It Take for the EMV Holdouts To Join the Chip-Card Fold?

The number of U.S. merchants that accept EMV chip cards at the point of sale is increasing rapidly, according to recent figures from Visa Inc.,  but it’s going to take some work by merchant acquirers and payment card networks to convince the holdouts to convert. Executives from two of those …

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As Out-of-Network ATM Fees Climb to an All-Time High, Cash Gets More Expensive

In the age of electronic payments, cash is getting more and more expensive—even when accessed via electronic means. Nationwide, it costs consumers $4.69 to withdraw money from a so-called out-of-network ATM. That’s up 2.6% from a year ago, according to the latest data from Bankrate Inc., a New York City-based …

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Processing Execs Push ISOs to Adopt New Thinking on Topics From Pricing to Technology

A panel of processing executives on Thursday sought to shake an audience of merchant-sales representatives out of traditional ways of thinking about critical matters ranging from pricing to new technology. In some cases, years-old tactics came under attack. “How many of you are giving a free terminal away and competing …

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