Wednesday , February 20, 2019

CardFlight Debuts a Customer Database Feature for Its Mobile POS Service

Merchants using CardFlight Inc.’s mobile point-of-sale app can now use a service called SwipeSimple Customers to help manage their customer data, card-on-file data, and payments, CardFlight announced Tuesday.

Among the new features are the ability to create and maintain a customer database with an option to store payment card details on file and the ability to make charges against the card-on-file data. Other capabilities include payment scheduling, managing installment payments, setting up subscription payments, and new reports.

“Feedback from our resellers (which includes 10 of the top 30 merchants acquirers in the United States) and our end merchants indicated that this was one of the most requested ways for us to extend SwipeSimple’s functionality,” Derek Webster, CardFlight founder and chief executive, tells Digital Transactions News via email. “Obviously our strength historically has been in segments where merchants are selling ‘on the go,’ typically with a bring-your-own device smart phone or tablet. Over the past year, we’ve expanded SwipeSimple to cover a wide range of small-business payment acceptance and not just selling on the go. “

Many CardFlight merchants, such as landscapers, contractors, dog walkers, and professional service providers such as lawyers and accountants, have repeat customers and look to service them across multiple payment transactions, Webster says. “SwipeSimple Customers lets those merchants easily manage their customer records with optional card on file for repeat customers, along with the ability to schedule future payments, offer installment payments, and set up subscriptions,” he says.

The expectation with SwipeSimple Customers is that it will be one more feature to make CardFlight attractive to merchants. “With SwipeSimple Customers, we expect to better serve existing merchants, and also that many of our merchant-acquirer resellers will start placing more merchants on SwipeSimple than they might have previously placed on legacy gateway software,” Webster says.

New York City-based CardFlight says SwipeSimple Customers is available to the more than 45,000 merchants that use SwipeSimple. The new service is at no extra cost to merchants. Merchants access the service via a Web site or the SwipeSimple app. An app update later this month is expected to add the ability to store a card on file at the same time as running a card-present transaction, Webster says.

Earlier this year, CardFlight announced distribution deals with Boomtown and Paya. Payments provider Clearent LLC, which has sold CardFlight’s services for three years, says the new service will be a way “for us to offer even more value to existing users,” John Shipley, Clearent senior vice president of operations, said in a press release.

The previous SwipeSimple update added the ability to pair cash drawers and receipt printers and a virtual POS terminal with address verification support, among other functions.

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