Saturday , September 22, 2018

Bitcoin’s True Value and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 12/26/17

  • Due to a data breach that affected an unknown number of customers, Nissan Canada Finance, the financial division of automaker Nissan’s Canadian operation, is contacting all of its 1.13 million current and former customers; the breach may have compromised customer names, credit scores, loan amounts, and other information, Nissan said.
  • A recent Morgan Stanley report says the true value of Bitcoin might be zero for reasons that include its lack of an interest rate and intrinsic uses like gold has in electronics and jewelry, and its difficulty in scaling, reported.
  • Denison Yachting said it will begin accepting Bitcoin for in-stock boats following its first sale to a customer using the digital currency. The company said in 2014 it would begin accepting Bitcoin for certain yachts.
  • After plummeting late last week, the price of Bitcoin recovered some ground over the weekend and was trading as high as $15,800 by mid-morning Tuesday, up from a low around $12,100 on Friday, according to Coindesk, a cryptocurrency news service.
  • Inc. acquired Blink, a provider of wireless home-security cameras that was founded only in 2016 and already sells through Amazon; financial terms were not announced.

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