Tuesday , July 17, 2018

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A Visa-Sponsored Report Lays Out the Costs of a Cash-Based Economy

Payments gurus for years have touted benefits like faster transactions, improved security, and associated rewards when it comes to mobile payments. Now a study released Tuesday indicates converting off-the-books cash payments to digital methods could also boost a nation’s gross domestic product and augment the flow of tax revenues to …

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Details on Visa Europe Outage and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 6/20/18

Merchant processor Paysafe North America said that by mid-July it will start offering same-day settlement to small U.S. merchants. The service will be offered in collaboration with Company.com, a services platform for small businesses, and Ingo Money, a push-payments provider. Visa Inc.’s 10-hour service interruption in Europe on June 1 …

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First Data’s Star Debit Network Plans To Challenge Visa and Mastercard for Signature Transactions

Payment processor First Data Corp.’s Star debit network is poised to aggressively challenge Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. for a share of the signature-debit market that the global networks have dominated since signature debit became a payment option more than 20 years ago. Star gained a potentially big foothold in …

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Nearly All of Visa’s Payment Volume Now Comes From Chip Cards, the Network Reports

Some 97% of Visa Inc.’s total U.S. payment volume stemmed from EMV chip cards in March, according to the card network’s latest periodic report on EMV’s progress in the United States. EMV volume totaled $70.7 billion, up from $4.8 billion in September 2015, the last full month before the country …

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Items Like Screenshots And Dates Are Vital Info Under the New Visa Claims Resolution Program

E-commerce merchants are beginning to learn efficient ways to navigate the newly launched Visa Claims Resolution program for managing chargebacks. With the increasing emphasis among consumers and merchants on making more of their transactions in the digital realm, Visa Inc. launched in April its new chargeback-resolution program that includes shortened …

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Eye on Blockchain: Ripple Keeps Making Waves; Litecoin Lands in Wirex’s Visa Debit Card

With digital-payments providers emerging all over the world to serve local and international consumers, the search is on for synchronized, standardized networks to transfer funds cross-border. Ripple, the San Francisco-based provider of distributed-ledger payments, says it has the answer, and late last week five payments services overseas signed on to …

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