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From Spear Phishing to POS Malware, a Security Expert Lays Out His Six Most Worrisome Threats

Malicious attacks on payments systems come in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes, making it a nettlesome problem figuring out which types of attack require the most defensive resources. Yet, the stakes could be highest in the United States, where the average cost per breach, at $225, is one …

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More Bad News: Phishing Attacks Surged 65% to Hit a Record 1.22 Million in 2016

The bad news about payments risk just keeps on coming. The Anti-Phishing Working Group Inc. reported this week that phishing attacks reached an all-time high in 2016, totaling 1,220,523. That was up fully 65% over 2015, the group says in its latest quarterly report. Another way to look at the …

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Phishing Recedes in the Third Quarter, But Payment Services Attract 10% of Attacks

The Anti-Phishing Working Group reported that the total number of phishing Web sites detected in the third quarter was 364,424, a 21.8% decrease from 466,065 in the second quarter. The APWG said the second-quarter figures were an “all-time-high” for phishing attacks and the third-quarter data is a return to more historical norms. …

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Now the Top Phishing Target, Apple Could Draw More Cyber Crooks with Apple Pay

Apple Inc. is selling a ton of its new iPhone 6 smart phones, but before launching the device earlier this month it had already attracted a much less desirable crowd of devotees: phishers. Among all brands targeted by these cybercriminals, Apple is now tops, and the company’s expected introduction next …

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Phishing Attacks Drop, But Brand Targets Soar As Phishers Cast More Lines

Phishers are casting their lines at more brands in hopes of luring Internet users into divulging data that they can use fraudulently, according to a new study from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). According to the study, which covers the first half of 2013, criminals targeted 720 brands, up almost …

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Cold Comfort in Reduced Phishing Activity, Warns Anti-Phishing Working Group

  n The report, which covers the third quarter of last year, documents a steady decline in both the number of unique sites hosting phishing attacks and the volume of reported attacks. The number of phishing sites detected by the APWG fell in step-like fashion from 63,253 in April to …

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Malware And Spear-Phishing Soar, Helping To Drive Rise in Breaches

  While the payments business continues to fret about data breaches, new information emerged this week that helps explain how such pernicious leaks happen, and why they’re happening with increased frequency. While notable breaches like the one at Sony earlier this year steal headlines, cybercriminals are plundering accounts at organizations …

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Google’s Gmail Joins eBay and PayPal in Phishing Fight

Google Inc.'s Gmail this week followed Yahoo! Inc. to become the second big e-mail provider publicly working with online auction host eBay Inc. and its PayPal payment service to fight phishing scams. With Google's Checkout service attempting to gain online charge volume in a PayPal-dominated alternative-payment market, the anti-phishing partnership …

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How Phishing Threatens Banks’ Efforts to Rely More on E-Mail

Only one-fifth of financial institutions are using technologies that can authenticate e-mail messages, even though phishing attacks disproportionately affect banks and even though banks say they plan to rely more heavily on the e-mail channel to reach customers, a new research report says. Meanwhile, phishing attacks are not only increasing, …

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