Saturday , December 14, 2019

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Merchants’ Double Whammy

Merchants have been skirmishing with networks and issuers over acceptance costs since the days of cardboard cards. As 2020 approaches, interchange rates are stable, but merchants are seeing more sales on high-cost rewards cards while paying more network fees. Not so long ago, if you wanted to get a card-accepting …

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Taking Merchants to School

Merchant education can be a strategic advantage if you do it right. That starts with showing merchants how they can benefit from technology. Keeping up with payment technology is not easy for merchants. As if the learning curve for EMV, which is still rolling out in some merchant segments, wasn’t …

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Nxgen, Payscape, And BluePay Canada Combine to Form a Processor Serving 25,000-Plus Merchants

This year’s mega-mergers in the transaction-processing business are now starting to generate some smaller spin-off deals. On Friday, two payments providers, Nxgen International and Payscape, said they have acquired a third, BluePay Canada. Terms of the deal were not announced, and an overarching name for the tripartite company has not …

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Online Merchants Are Starting to Deploy the Big Networks’ Common Buy Button

The long-awaited common buy button became a reality Tuesday with an announcement from the four major payment card networks that they have enabled the technology for three e-commerce merchants. Half a dozen more are expected to come online for the technology, called Secure Remote Commerce, by the end of the …

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UnionPay International Claims 28 Million Merchants and 120 Million Cards

The Shanghai-based UnionPay International payment network reported Monday that it now has 28 million accepting merchants outside of China and 120 million cards issued by non-mainland financial institutions since it launched its global business in 2004. But while UnionPay International now has a presence in 176 countries, with Chile and …

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A Panel Clears up Some Issues on Payments for CBD Merchants

The clamor to sign up merchants that want to sell hemp-derived cannabidiol products is undiminished despite multiple questions about what a legal CBD product is and how to onboard these merchants. “The banks are having a tough time now because it’s so new,” said Travis Chrisman, president and cofounder of …

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