Tuesday , February 18, 2020

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Eye on Cryptocurrency: PayPal Skips a Libra Meeting; Ohio Suspends Bitcoin Payments

In a bad week for cryptocurrency, a news report emerged late Thursday that PayPal Holdings Inc. skipped a key meeting of backers of Facebook Inc.’s Libra initiative. And, in the state of Ohio, officials on Wednesday suspended a pioneering site that accepted business taxes via Bitcoin. Twenty-seven of the 28 …

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Eye on Cryptocurrency: Libra Backers Getting Cold Feet? Settlement in Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme

Several backers of Facebook Inc.’s proposed Libra cryptocurrency are having second thoughts because of regulatory pushback, according to a British newspaper report. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission announced settlements Thursday with four defendants accused of falsely promising big returns to consumers who paid in cryptocurrencies to participate in an alleged …

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Circle Will Sunset Its Circle Pay App To Concentrate on Cryptocurrency Projects

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. will cease supporting its 5-year-old Circle Pay mobile app beginning next month in order to concentrate on its blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures. Circle Pay is a no-fee peer-to-peer payments app that enables users to send money using the recipient’s phone number or email address. The service …

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AT&T Says It’s Now the First Mobile Carrier to Accept Cryptocurrency for Bill Payments

AT&T Communications said on Thursday that starting now it will accept bill payment in cryptocurrency, making it the first mobile carrier, and one of the largest companies overall, to do so. The company, a unit of AT&T Inc., is using Atlanta-based processor BitPay Inc. to handle digital-currency payments. No information …

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Cryptocurrency’s Weakest Links

To purloin crypto, hackers are importing successful—and very familiar—methods from the world of fiat money. Here’s what experts say needs to be done. Security has always been a big selling point for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The crux of the security argument is twofold. Unlike cash, cryptocurrencies are encrypted in …

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Eye on Cryptocurrency: Demise of a Visa Card; Crypto for Truck Parts; a Calmer Bitcoin

A Visa-branded debit card from Shift Financial Inc. that enabled consumers with accounts at digital currency exchange Coinbase to spend based on funds held in their Coinbase accounts reportedly will cease operations in April, said the CoinTelegraph.com news site. The card, issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, reportedly faced a limited …

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Chase Testing Its Own Cryptocurrency and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 2/14/19

JPMorgan Chase & Co. will within a few months begin testing its own cryptocurrency for wholesale payments between corporations and banks globally, according to CNBC. The new token, called JPM Coin, will be exchangeable at the rate of $1 each. The development may surprise some observers, given the harsh criticism …

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