Sunday , February 23, 2020

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Fiserv Launches PIN-Based Contactless Payments on Nothing More Than Sellers’ Mobile Phones

Fiserv Inc. said this week its First Data unit has performed the first PIN-on-mobile contactless transaction involving only a commercially available mobile device. Observers say the breakthrough could expand the availability of PIN-on-mobile technology significantly by allowing small merchants like food-truck operators and other mobile sellers to accept card payments …

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Visa Gets a Lift From E-Commerce, Contactless Payments, and Tokenization

Improved online payments, tokenization, and contactless transactions all gained ground in 2019’s last three months for Visa Inc. as the network’s payment volume grew 8% year-over-year. Visa reported total U.S. payment volume of $1.06 trillion in its first quarter of fiscal 2020 ended Dec. 31, a 7.8% increase from $980 …

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Consumers Are Satisfied Making Contactless Payments, But Security Concerns Linger

Even though contactless credit and debit card transactions made by tapping a card against a point-of-sale device rely on the same standard as EMV dipped transactions, consumers have different impressions of the security benefits, a newly released study says. Indeed, 81% of the 1,350 consumers surveyed for the “Emerging Trends at …

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Mobeewave And Samsung Leverage Contactless With Fast Onboarding for No-Dongle Acceptance

For years, payments providers like Square Inc. have mined the small- and micro-merchant market by providing inexpensive and simple attachments, or so-called dongles, that hook up to smart phones and can be used to swipe or read the chips on cards. Now comes the next step: card acceptance using no …

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Mobile Devices Connect With Contactless

A new PCI standard for using off-the-shelf mobile phones and tablets to accept tap-and-go payments should open the door for more contactless transactions. How much more is another question. It’s the ultimate conven­ience for a harried merchant: just whip out a regular smart phone or tablet and ask the customer …

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New York Straphangers Give Contactless Payments a Boost

The New York City area’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Wednesday activated 96 contactless card readers in Manhattan’s Penn Station, one of the nation’s busiest transit hubs, in its quest to accept contactless payment cards and mobile-payment apps across its vast subway and bus system by the end of next year. …

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Canadians Embrace Contactless Payments, but They’re Still Wary of Using Mobile Devices

Like their American cousins, Canadians are rapidly adopting newer payment methods. In fact, they’re doing so even faster than U.S. consumers in some respects. The report, “Canadian Payment Methods and Trends: 2019,” released last week by Payments Canada, says contactless payments grew 30% year-over-year in 2018. Card- and mobile-based contactless …

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