Monday , November 18, 2019

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AT&T Says It’s Now the First Mobile Carrier to Accept Cryptocurrency for Bill Payments

AT&T Communications said on Thursday that starting now it will accept bill payment in cryptocurrency, making it the first mobile carrier, and one of the largest companies overall, to do so. The company, a unit of AT&T Inc., is using Atlanta-based processor BitPay Inc. to handle digital-currency payments. No information …

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Choice Is the Operative Word in Bill Payments, Fiserv Survey Finds

Consumers increasingly want choice in bill payments, according to findings from a new study by Fiserv Inc. The bank and payment processor’s Eighth Annual Billing Household Survey found that the average number of payment methods consumers use monthly rose from 2.9 in 2014 to 3.6 in 2015, a 24% increase. …

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As Real Time Hits Prime Time, Early Warning And Fiserv Target Bill Payments, Deposits

The Federal Reserve may be shepherding a nationwide effort to bring real-time payments to the United States, but that doesn’t mean payments companies are marking time while that process unfolds. The latest development is Tuesday’s announcement that bank processor Fiserv Inc. will work with risk manager Early Warning Services LLC …

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NACHA Unveils Opt-In Program To Reduce Exceptions in ACH Bill Payments

In a further escalation of its war on costly bill-payment exceptions, automated clearing house governing body NACHA on Monday announced a new program that will convert erroneous electronic bill payments that otherwise would go through as paper checks into ACH transactions with a new field where the biller can enter …

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Transaction Growth Perks up for the ACH As Online Bill Payments Continue to Climb

The automated clearing house network’s transaction count grew by 4% in the second quarter compared to the same period in 2011, according to the latest figures from NACHA, the regulatory body for the network. Transactions totaled 4.15 billion, worth approximately $9.1 trillion in value, according to the NACHA statistics. Transactions …

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Bill Payments by Paper Check Fade As ACH Bill Pay Continues Its Growth Spurt

New data from automated clearing house governing body NACHA reaffirm the continuing gains of electronic bill payment and the long-term decline in consumer check writing to pay bills. NACHA’s report for 2011’s fourth quarter says that transactions under the so-called WEB standard entry class code for Internet bill-payment debits grew …

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ACH Bill Payments Move into the Passing Lane

  The financially struggling U.S. Postal Service is bemoaning the accelerating shift by consumers away from sending everything from Christmas cards to bill payments by physical mail. But, on the other side of the coin, new data confirm that the automated clearing house is where a lot of former paper-based …

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Mitek Systems Aims To Make Bill Payment Go Mobile

Mitek Systems Inc., the pioneering developer of remote deposit capture software for mobile devices, is now moving into mobile capture for bill payments. With San Diego-based Mitek’s new Mobile Photo Bill Pay application, a consumer could take a picture of a paper bill with his camera-equipped smart phone, and then …

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