Monday , December 10, 2018

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Use Layered Authentication to Secure Real-Time Payments

Real-time processing heightens risk for providers that aren’t prepared. Here’s what financial institutions should be doing now, says Eric Woodward. Instant downloads. Instant delivery. We live in an age of instant gratification. The banking industry is no exception. An overnight batch process is a lifetime, and three-day settlement feels like …

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Eye on CES: Rear-View Mirror Payment Authentication and a Multi-Function Card

The huge CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) expo is underway in Las Vegas, and out of it are coming the latest whiz-bang developments in payment technology. Among them: connected cars that enable the driver to pay for gas with a Visa card and authenticate the transaction with an iris …

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Visa ID Intelligence Aims To Be A Digital Authentication Hub

Issuers, merchants, and processors all share the same dilemma when attempting to authenticate an online identity. They are bedeviled by personally identifiable information easily accessible to criminals that they can use to spoof authentic consumers. In response, Visa Inc. on Thursday announced the Visa ID Intelligence service, which it says …

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Digital Payments Authentication Requires Agility and Adaptability, a Report Says

As more consumers make more digital payments, financial institutions and merchants face an increasingly complex challenge to better authenticate these transactions. That requires looking at ways to keep pace with criminals and staying in step with consumers, says Aite Group LLC in its latest report, “Digital Authentication: New Opportunities to …

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With its New iPhone X, Apple Brings Facial Biometric Authentication to Apple Pay

The Apple Pay mobile-payments service got only a few brief mentions in a nearly two-hour presentation Tuesday afternoon in which Apple Inc. executives introduced the latest versions of their 10-year-old iPhone and other new products. But what they did say could change payment security because the new iPhone X will …

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Cyberattacks Doubled in Just Two Years, Authentication Provider Says

ThreatMetrix Inc., a provider of digital-identity and authentication services, reports that its network detected and stopped 144 million cyberattacks in the second quarter, a 100% increase from 2015’s second quarter. ThreatMetrix says its Digital Identity Network from April through June also stopped 300 million bot attacks in which hackers take …

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